SegaCD Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the SegaCD. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this add-on are all CD-Roms. Sega 32x CDs have been listed with the Sega 32x titles.

System known as: SegaCD, Sega CDX (combined Genesis and SegaCD)

last updated 05/08/2004

Number of titles in list: 145

Title Company Developer Model # Medium Type Year Notes
Adventures of Batman & Robin CD Action
Adventurous New Music CD Misc.-Music
Afterburner III CD Action
Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin, The CD Action 1 player
Android Assault CD Action
Animals CD Misc.
AX-101 CD Action
Batman and Robin CD Action
Batman Returns CD Action
Battle Frenzy CD Action
Battlecorps CD Action
BC Racer CD Racing
Bill Walsh College Football EA Sports CD Sports-Football 1-4 players
Blackhole Assault CD Action
Brutal: Paws of Fury CD Fighting
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators CD
C and C Music Factory CD Action-Music
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs CD Action
Chuck Rock CD Action
Chuck Rock 2 CD Action
Cliffhanger CD Action
Cobra Command CD Action
Colors of Modern Rock, The CD
Compton's Encyclopedia CD Misc.
Contra Hard Corps CD
Corpse Killer CD Action
Crime Patrol CD Action
Dark Wizard Sega CD Strategy 1 player
Demolition Man CD Action
Double Switch CD Action
Dracula CD Action
Dracula Unleashed CD Adventure
Dragons Lair CD Action
Dune Virgin Cryo CD Strategy 1 player
Dungeon Explorer CD Action
Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep JVC T-60085 CD RPG 1 player; compatible with mouse
Earthworm Jim CD Action
Ecco the Dolphin Sega CD Action
Ecco Tides of Time CD Action
ESPN Baseball Tonight CD Sports-Baseball
ESPN National Hockey Night CD Sports-Hockey
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side CD Fighting
Eye of the Beholder CD RPG an Official AD&D CD Game; 1 player; CD Backup Ram Cart recommended; Mega Mouse optional
Farenheit CD Adventure
Fatal Fury CD Fighting
FIFA International Soccer CD Sports-Soccer
FIFA Soccer CD Sports-Soccer
Final Fight CD CD Action
Flashback CD Action
Flink CD Action
Flying Nightmares CD
Formula One CD Racing
Frankenstein CD Action
Ground Zero Texas CD Action
Heart of the Alien CD Action
Heimdall JVC CD Adventure 1 player
Hook CD Action
Hot Hits CD Action-Music
INXS: Make My Video CD Misc.
Iron Helix CD Adventure
Jaguar CD Action
Jeopardy CD Game Show-Trivia
Joe Montana's NFL Football Sega CD Sports-Football 1-2 players
Jurassic Park CD Action
Keio Flying Squadron CD Action
Kids Site CD Action
Kris Kross CD Misc.
Lethal Enforcers CD Action
Links CD Sports-Golf
Loadstar CD Action
Lords of Thunder CD Action
Lunar Eternal Blue CD RPG
Lunar The Silver Star Working Designs CD RPG 1 player
Mad Dog McCree CD Action
Mansion of Hidden Souls Vic Tokai T-23015 CD Action-First Person 1 player; compatible with mouse
Marko CD
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Maky My Video CD Misc.
Megarace CD Racing
Mickey Mania CD Action
Microcosm Sega CD Action 1 player
Midnight Raiders CD Action
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers CD Action
Monkey Island CD Adventure
Mortal Kombat CD Fighting
NBA Jam CD Sports-Basketball
NFL Football Trivia CD Sports-Football
NHL '94 EA Sports CD Sports-Hockey 1-4 players
NHL Hockey CD Sports-Hockey
Night Trap CD Action
Novastorm CD Action
Panic CD Action
Pitfall CD Action
Popful Mail Working Designs CD Action/RPG 1 player
Power Factory CD Action
Power Monger EA Bullfrog CD Strategy 1 player
Prime Action CD
Prince of Persia CD Adventure
Prize Fighter CD Sports/Fighting
Puggsy CD Action
Racing Aces Sega CD Action 1 player
Radical Rex CD Action
Rebel Assault CD
Revenge of the Ninja Renovation CD Action 1 player
Revengers of Vengeance Extreme CD Action 1-2 players
Rise of the Dragon Dynamix T-110035 CD Adventure 1 player
Road Avenger Renovation CD Action
Road Rash CD Racing
Robo Aleste CD Action
Rock Paintings CD Action-Music
Samurai Shodown CD Fighting
Sega Classics Sega CD Action-Compilation Golden Axe, Columns, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi
Sewer Shark CD Action
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective CD Adventure vol. 1; 1 player
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 2 CD Adventure
Shining Force CD Sega CD RPG 1 player; CD Backup Ram Cart recommended
Sliphead Game Arts CD Action
Snatcher Konami Konami CD Adventure 1994
Sol-Feace Sega CD Action 1 player
Sonic CD Sega 4407 CD Action 1 player
Soul Star Time Warner T-115035 CD Action-Shooting 1-2 players
Space Ace CD Action
Star Strike CD
Star Wars Chess CD Strategy-Chess
Star Wars Rebel Assault JVC Lucas Arts CD Action-Shooting 1 player
Starblade CD Action
Stellar 7 CD
Stellar Fire Dynamix CD Action
Supreme Warrior CD Fighting
Surgical Strike CD Action
Terminator CD Action
Third World War Extreme CD Action
Thunderstrike CD Action
Time Gal CD Action
Tomcat Alley CD Flight Sim
Vay Working Designs CD RPG 1 player
Wheel of Fortune CD Puzzle
Who Shot Johnny Rock CD Action
Wild Woody CD Action
Willy Beamish CD Adventure
Wing Commander CD Flight Sim
Wirehead CD Adventure
Wolf Child CD Action
Wonderdog CD Action
World Cup USA '94 CD Sports-Soccer
WWF Rage in the Cage CD Sports/Fighting-Wrestling


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