Jaguar Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the Jaguar. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles listed here only require the Atari Jaguar base unit.

System known as: Atari Jaguar

last updated 06/03/2002

Number of titles in list: 57

Title Company Developer Model # Medium Type Year Notes
Air Cars cartridge
Alien Vs. Predator Atari J9008E cartridge Action-First Person has overlays; 1 player
Atari Karts Atari J9091E cartridge Racing 1-2 players
Attack of the Mutant Penguins Atari J9072E cartridge Action/Strategy 1 player
Battlesphere cartridge Action
Breakout 2000 Telegames/Atari Atari J9093E cartridge Action 1-2 players
Brutal Sports Football cartridge Sports-Football
Bubsy Bobcat cartridge Action
Cannon Fodder Virgin Sensible Software cartridge Strategy 1 player
Checkered Flag Atari J9007E cartridge Racing-Auto 1 player
Club Drive Atari J9003E cartridge Action 1-2 players
Cybermorph Atari J9000E cartridge Flight Sim 1993 has overlay
Defender 2000 Atari Williams J9041E cartridge Action-Shooting 1-2 players
Doom Atari id Software J9029E cartridge Action-First Person has overlay; 1 player; 2 player via network
Double Dragon V cartridge Action
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Atari J9036 cartridge Action 1-2 players
Evolution: Dino Dudes Atari J9006 cartridge Puzzle 1993 1 player
Fever Pitch Soccer cartridge Sports-Soccer
Fight For Life Atari J9037E cartridge Fighting pro-controller compatible; 1-2 players
Flashback: The Quest for Identity U.S. Gold cartridge Action 1 player
FlipOut! cartridge Puzzle
Hover Strike Atari J9009E cartridge Action has overlay; 1-2 players
Hyper Force Songbird cartridge
I-War Atari Imagitec J9043E cartridge Action 1-2 players
Iron Soldier Atari J9026E cartridge Action has overlay; 1 player
Iron Soldier 2 Telegames cartridge Action limited ed.
Kasumi Ninja Atari J9012E cartridge Fighting 1-2 players
Missile Command 3D Atari J9097 cartridge Action-Shooting pro controller compatible; 1 player
NBA Jam T.E. cartridge Sports-Basketball
Pinball Fantasies cartridge Action-Pinball
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Atari Activision J9101 cartridge Action/Adventure 1 player
Power Drive Rally Time Warner cartridge Racing-Auto 1-2 players
Protector Songbird cartridge Action
Protector: Special Edition Songbird cartridge Action 2002
Raiden Atari J9005E cartridge Action-Shooting 1993 1-2 players
Rayman cartridge Action
Ruiner Pinball cartridge Action-Pinball
Sensible Soccer International cartridge Sports-Soccer
Skyhammer Songbird cartridge
Soccer Kid Songbird cartridge Sports-Soccer
Space War 2000 B&C Computervisions cartridge Flight Sim-Space Combat 2001
Super Burnout cartridge Racing
Supercross 3D cartridge Racing
Syndicate Ocean Bullfrog L8002-SYNJAG cartridge Strategy 1 player
Tempest 2000 Atari Llanasoft J9010E cartridge Action-Shooting 1-2 players
Theme Park Ocean Bullfrog L8001-TPKJAG cartridge Strategy 1 player
Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer Telegames JA256 cartridge Action-First Person 1 player
Trevor McFur in the Crecent Galaxy Atari J9001E cartridge Action-Shooting 1993 has overlay; 1 player
Troy Aikman Football cartridge Sports-Football
Ultra Vortek Atari J9082E cartridge Fighting 1-2 players
Val D'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding cartridge Sports-Winter
White Men Can't Jump Atari J9070E cartridge Sports-Basketball 1-4 players; team tap compatible
Wolfenstein 3D Atari id Software J9028 cartridge Action-First Person has overlay; 1 player
Worms cartridge Strategy
Zero 5 Telegames/Atari Atari J4011 cartridge Action 1 player
Zool 2 Atari Gremlin J9042E cartridge Action 1-2 players
Zoop Atari J9109 cartridge Puzzle 1 player


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