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This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this system are all cartridges.

System known as: Tiger Game.Com, Game.Com Pocketpro

last updated 01/24/2005

Number of titles in list: 30

Title Company Developer Model # Rarity Medium Type Year Notes
Arcade Classics, Williams Tiger 71-722 cartridge Action-Compilation 1-2 players
Batman & Robin Tiger 71-709 cartridge Action 1 player
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Tiger 71-742 cartridge Action
Centipede Tiger Hasbro 71-755 cartridge Action-Shooting 1999 1-4 players
Duke Nukem 3D Tiger 71-712 cartridge Action-First Person 1 player
Fighters Megamix Tiger 71-739 cartridge Fighting
Frogger Tiger Hasbro 71-756 cartridge Action 1-4 players
Giga Pets Deluxe Tiger 71-748 cartridge Action
Henry Tiger 71-728 cartridge
Holyfield Boxing Tiger 71-749 cartridge Sports/Fighting-Boxing
Indy 500 Tiger 71-525 cartridge Racing 1 player
Internet Cart Tiger 71-529 cartridge Misc.
Jeopardy Tiger 71-726 cartridge Game Show-Trivia 1-2 players
Lights Out Tiger 71-735 cartridge Puzzle pack-in game for full size Game.Com
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Tiger 71-704 cartridge Action
Madden Football 99 Tiger 71-705 cartridge Sports-Football
Metal Gear Solid ? cartridge Action
Monopoly Tiger Hasbro 71-752 cartridge Board Game 1-6 players
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Tiger 71-711 cartridge Fighting 1-2 players
Name That Tune Tiger 71-729 cartridge Action-Music 1-2 players
NBA Live 99 Tiger 71-741 cartridge Sports-Basketball
Quiz Wiz: Cyber Trivia Tiger 71-524 cartridge Trivia 1999
Resident Evil 2 Tiger 71-745 cartridge Action/Adventure
Scrabble Tiger Hasbro 71-754 cartridge Board Game
Small Soldiers Tiger 71-743 cartridge Action
Sonic Jam Tiger 71-734 cartridge Action
Tiger Casino Tiger 71-731 cartridge Action-Casino
Tiger Web Link Tiger 71-747 cartridge Misc.
Wheel of Fortune Tiger 71-523 cartridge Game Show-Puzzle
Wheel of Fortune 2 Tiger 71-527 cartridge Game Show-Puzzle


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