Colecovision Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the Colecovision. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this system are all cartridges.

Descriptions of the rarity codes used in this list.

last updated 11/30/2010

Number of titles in list: 159

Title Company Model # Rarity Medium Type Year Notes
2010: The Graphic Action Game Coleco 2618 R cartridge Action-Maze 1984 overlays
A.E. Coleco ER cartridge Action-Shooting promotional
ADAM Demo Cartridge Coleco ER cartridge Misc.-Demo promotional
Alcazar the Forgotten Fortress Telegames TC-201 VR cartridge Adventure
Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker ABC-CV VR cartridge Educational 1983
Amazing Bumpman Telegames ER cartridge Educational
Antarctic Adventure Coleco 2429 R cartridge Adventure 1984
Aquattack Interphase 2-004 VR cartridge Action-Shooting
Artillery Duel Xonox 99022 R cartridge Strategy
B.C. II: Grog's Revenge Coleco/Sydney 2863 R cartridge Adventure
B.C.'s Quest for Tires Sierra Vision OTL-902 U cartridge Adventure
Beamrider Activision VS-003 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Blockade Runner Interphase 2-002 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Boulder Dash Telegames TC203 ER cartridge Action-Ladder
Brainstrainers Coleco 2696 VR cartridge Educational
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Coleco 2615 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Bump 'n' Jump Coleco 2440 U cartridge Action 1984 driving controller optional
Bump 'n' Jump Mattel ER cartridge Action promotional/released
BurgerTime Coleco 2430 U cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park Coleco 2682 C cartridge Adventure 1984
Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure in the Park Coleco ER cartridge Adventure promotional
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Coleco 2600 R cartridge Educational 1984 overlays
Campaign '84 Sunrise 1604 VR cartridge Strategy 1983
Carnival Coleco 2445 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1982
Centipede Atarisoft 70004 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 roller controller optional
Choplifter! Coleco 2690 VR cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox VR cartridge Adventure
Congo Bongo Coleco 2669 R cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Cosmic Avenger Coleco 2434 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1982
Cosmic Crisis Bit Corp PG901 ER cartridge Action-Maze
Cosmic Crisis Telegames VR cartridge Action-Maze
Dam Busters, The Coleco 2686 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984 overlays
Dance Fantasy Fisher Price DCF VR cartridge Educational
Decathlon Activision VS-006 U cartridge Sports 1983
Defender Atarisoft 70002 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Destructor Coleco 2602 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 driving controller
Donkey Kong Coleco 2411 C cartridge Action-Ladder 1982
Donkey Kong Junior Coleco 2601 C cartridge Action-Ladder 1983
Dr. Seuss: Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Coleco 2699 VR cartridge Puzzle 1984 overlays
Dragonfire Imagic O6611 R cartridge Adventure
Dukes of Hazzard, The Coleco 2607 VR cartridge Action 1984 driving controller
Evolution Sydney R cartridge Action 1983
Facemaker Spinnaker FMK-CV R cartridge Educational overlays
Fall Guy 20th Century Fox ER cartridge Action promo/driving controller optional
Fathom Imagic O6205 VR cartridge Adventure
Final Test Cartridge Coleco ER cartridge Misc.-Demo
Flipper Slipper Spectravideo SE291 VR cartridge Action-Pinball
Fortune Builder Coleco 2681 R cartridge Strategy overlays
Fraction Fever Spinnaker FRF-CV VR cartridge Educational 1983
Frantic Freddie Spectravideo SE232 R cartridge Adventure
Frenzy Coleco 2613 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Frogger Parker Brothers 9830 U cartridge Action 1983
Frogger II Threedeep! Parker Brothers 9990 VR cartridge Action 1984
Front Line Coleco 2650 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 overlays; super action controllers
Galaxian Atarisoft 70006 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Gateway to Apshai Epyx 610 R cartridge Adventure 1984
Gorf Coleco 2449 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Gust Buster Sunrise 1601 VR cartridge Adventure
Gyruss Parker Brothers 9980 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
H.E.R.O. Activision VS-005 R cartridge Action-Shooting
Heist, The Micro Fun MCL520 R cartridge Action-Chase 1983
Illusions Coleco 2621 R cartridge Action 1984
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Xonox 99062 VR cartridge Misc.
James Bond 007 Parker Brothers 9900 VR cartridge Adventure 1983
Juke Box Spinnaker JUK-CV VR cartridge Puzzle
Jumpman Junior Epyx 590 R cartridge Action-Ladder
Jungle Hunt Atarisoft 70007 VR cartridge Adventure
Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker Coleco 2439 U cartridge Strategy-Cards 1982 overlays
Keystone Kapers Activision VS-004 R cartridge Action-Chase 1984
Kung Fu Superkicks Telegames R cartridge Adventure
Lady Bug Coleco 2433 C cartridge Action-Maze 1982
Learning with Leeper Sierra Vision LLL-901 VR cartridge Educational
Linking Logic Fisher Price LNL VR cartridge Educational 1984
Logic Levels Fisher Price LLV VR cartridge Educational
Looping Coleco 2603 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox ER cartridge Action
Make-A-Face Spinnaker ER cartridge Educational overlays
Memory Manor Fisher Price MEM VR cartridge Educational
Miner 2049er Micro Fun MCL521 U cartridge Action-Ladder 1983
Monkey Academy Coleco 2694 R cartridge Educational 1984
Montezuma's Revenge Parker Brothers 9660 R cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Moonsweeper Imagic O6207 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Motocross Racer Xonox 99026 VR cartridge Racing
Mountain King Sunrise 1605 R cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Mouse Trap Coleco 2419 C cartridge Action-Maze 1982 overlays
Mr. Do! Coleco 2622 C cartridge Action-Maze 1983
Mr. Do!'s Castle Parker Brothers 9820 VR cartridge Action-Ladder
Music Box Demo Coleco ER cartridge Misc.-Demo promotional
Nova Blast Imagic O6607 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Oil's Well Sierra Vision OWL-901 R cartridge Action-Maze 1983
Omega Race Coleco 2448 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 roller controller optional
One-On-One Micro Fun VR cartridge Sports 1984
Pepper II Coleco 2605 U cartridge Action-Maze 1983
Pitfall II Activision VS-008 R cartridge Adventure 1984
Pitfall! Activision VS-001 U cartridge Adventure 1983
Pitstop Epyx 600 U cartridge Racing 1983 driving controller optional
Popeye Parker Brothers 9810 C cartridge Adventure 1983
Porky's 20th Century Fox ER cartridge Action promotional
Power Grabber Sydney ER cartridge promotional
Q*bert Parker Brothers 9800 C cartridge Action-Maze 1983
Q*bert's Qubes Parker Brothers 9950 VR cartridge Action-Maze
Quest for Quintana Roo Sunrise 1603 R cartridge Adventure 1983
River Raid Activision VS-002 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Robin Hood Xonox VR cartridge 1984
Roc 'n Rope Coleco 2668 U cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Rock 'n' Bolt Telegames TC-202 ER cartridge Puzzle
Rocky Super Action Boxing Coleco 2606 C cartridge Sports/Fighting-Boxing 1983 overlays; super action controller
Rolloverture Sunrise 1602 VR cartridge Puzzle
Root Beer Tapper Coleco 2616 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Sammy Lightfoot Sierra Vision SLD902 VR cartridge Action-Ladder
Schtroumpfs CBS VR cartridge Adventure
Schtroumpfs Coleco VR cartridge Adventure
Sector Alpha Spectravideo SE220 VR cartridge Action-Shooting
Sewer Sam Interphase 2-001 VR cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Sir Lancelot Xonox 99024 VR cartridge Adventure 1983
Sketch Master Personal Peripherals G2500 ER cartridge Educational super sketch pad
Slither Coleco 2492 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 roller controller
Slurpy Xonox 99061 VR cartridge Action-Shooting
Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop Coleco 2697 R cartridge Educational 1984 overlays
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Coleco 2443 C cartridge Adventure 1982
Space Fury Coleco 2415 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1982
Space Panic Coleco 2447 C cartridge Action-Ladder 1982
Spectron Spectravideo SE234 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Spy Hunter Coleco 2617 VR cartridge Action 1984 overlays; super action optional
Squish'em Sam Interphase 2-003 R cartridge Action-Ladder 1984
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Coleco 2680 VR cartridge Action-Shooting 1984 overlays; super action optional
Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Brothers 9940 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1984
Strike It Telegames VR cartridge Action
Subroc Coleco 2614 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Super Action Baseball Coleco 2491 C cartridge Sports-Baseball 1983 overlays; super action controllers
Super Action Football Coleco 2422 C cartridge Sports-Football 1983 overlays; super action controllers
Super Action Soccer Coleco VR cartridge Sports-Soccer
Super Cobra Parker Brothers 9850 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Super Controller Test Cartridge Coleco ER cartridge Misc.-Test
Super Cross Force Spectravideo SE237 R cartridge Action-Shooting
Tank Wars Bit Corp PG902 ER cartridge Action-Shooting
Tank Wars Telegames VR cartridge Action-Shooting
Tarzan Coleco 2632 R cartridge Adventure 1984
Telly Turtle Coleco 2698 R cartridge Educational
Threshold Sierra Vision THQ903 VR cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Time Pilot Coleco 2633 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox 99025 ER cartridge Adventure
Tournament Tennis Imagic O6030 VR cartridge Sports-Tennis 1984
Tournament Tennis Telegames R cartridge Sports-Tennis
Tunnels & Trolls Coleco 2441 ER cartridge Misc.-Demo promotional
Turbo Coleco 2413 C cartridge Racing 1982 driving controller
Tutankham Parker Brothers 9840 U cartridge Adventure 1983
Up 'n Down Sega 009-21 R cartridge Action 1984
Venture Coleco 2417 C cartridge Adventure 1982
Victory Coleco 2446 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1983 roller controller
Video Hustler Konami ER cartridge Sports-Pool promotional
War Games Coleco 2632 U cartridge Action-Defend 1984 roller controller
War Room Probe 2000 2153CL U cartridge Action-Defend 1983 overlays; roller controller optional
Wing War Imagic O6209 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1983
Wiz Math Sierra Vision WML-900 VR cartridge Educational
Word Feud Xonox 99060 VR cartridge Educational
Yolk's on You 20th Century Fox ER cartridge promotional
Zaxxon Coleco 2435 C cartridge Action-Shooting 1982
Zenji Activision VS-007 VR cartridge Puzzle 1984


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