CD-i Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the CD-i. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this system are all CD-Roms.

System known as: Philips CD-i

last updated 07/09/2001

Number of titles in list: 91

Title Company Medium Type Notes
7th Guest, The CD Adventure requires video cart
Alice in Wonderland CD
Andrew LLoyd Webber CD requires video cart
Art of The Czars, The CD
Backgammon CD
Battleship CD
Berenstein Bears on their own, The CD
Best of Baby Songs, The CD requires video cart
Burn Cycle CD Adventure
Caesar's World of Boxing CD Sports/Fighting-Boxing requires video cart
Caesar's World of Gambling CD Action-Casino
Cartoon Jukebox CD
CD Shoot CD
Chaos Control CD
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia CD Misc.-Information
Crayon Factory, The CD
Cream of Eric Clapton, The CD requires video cart
Dark Castle CD
Dragon's Lair CD Action/Adventure requires video cart
Dragon's Lair 2 CD Action/Adventure
Dutch Masters of the 17th Century CD
Earth Rhythms CD
Escape from Cybercity CD
Flintstones Jetsons Time Warp CD
Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe, The CD
Food of France, The CD
French Impressionists, The CD
Full Swing, The CD
Getting Ahead Presentation Skills CD
Gifts to Behold CD
Goal! CD Sports-Soccer
Golden Oldies Juke Box CD
Golf My Way CD Sports-Golf requires video cart
Golf Tips CD Sports-Golf
Grand Prix Special CD Racing
Great American Golf 1 CD Sports-Golf
Great American Golf 2 CD Sports-Golf
Great British Golf Middle Ages 1940 CD Sports-Golf
Great Day At the Races, A CD Racing
Harvest of the Sun CD
Hotel Mario CD
How the Camel got his Hump CD
Inca Coktel Vision CD
International Tennis Open CD Sports-Tennis
Jazz Guitar CD
Jig Saw CD
Joker's Wild!, The CD
Joy of Sex, The CD requires video cart
Karaoke Klassics Family Favorites CD
Karaoke Klassics Greatest Love Duets Vol 1 CD
Karaoke Klassics Male Standards Vol 1 CD
Karaoke Klassics Pop Femal Vol 1 CD
Karaoke Klassics Special Occasions Vol 1 CD
Kether CD
Link the Faces of Evil CD Adventure
Little Monster At School CD
Lords of the Rising Sun CD
Max Magic CD
Mutant Rampage Bodyslam CD requires video cart
Mystic Midway CD
Name That Tune CD
National Parks Tour, A CD
NFL Football Trivia Challenge CD
Paint School I CD
Paint School II CD
Palm Springs Open, The CD
Pecos Bill CD
Peter Gabriel:all about US CD
Prelude CD
Rembrandt: His Art and the Music of this Era CD
Rhythm Maker CD
Richard Scarry's Busiest Neighborhood Disc Ever! CD
Sailing CD
Sandy's Circus Adventure CD
Sargon Chess CD
Shari Lewis Lamb Chop's Play Along CD requires video cart
Space Ace CD Action/Adventure requires video cart
Stickybear Reading CD
Story Machine Magic Tales CD
Tell me Why I CD
Tell me Why II CD
Tennis Our Way CD requires video cart
Tetris CD Puzzle
Time Life Photography CD
TR-I: No World Order CD
Visit to Sesame Street Letters, A CD
Visit to Sesame Street Numbers, A CD
Wimbledon Challenge CD Sports-Tennis
World of Impressionism, The CD
Zelda CD RPG
Zombie Dinos CD


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