Astrocade Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the Astrocade. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this system are cartridges, but they are frequently called tapes because of their close appearance to a cassette tape.

System known as: Bally Astrocade, Bally Videocade, Bally Professional Arcade, Bally Computer System

last updated 08/20/2000

Number of titles in list: 42

Title Model # Medium Type Notes
280 Zzzap / Dodgem 2001 cartridge
Amazing Maze / Tic Tac Toe 5001 cartridge
Artillery Duel 5005 cartridge
Astro Battle 2009 cartridge
Astrocade Pinball 3005 cartridge Action-Pinball
Bally Pin 3005 cartridge
Basic 6004/6002 cartridge
Basketball cartridge Sports-Basketball
Bingo Math/Speed Math 4001 cartridge
Biorhythm 4004 cartridge
Blackjack / Poker / Acey-Deucey 5002 cartridge
Blast Droids cartridge
Bowling 3006 cartridge
Checkers / Backgammon cartridge
Clowns / Brickyard 2004 cartridge
Coloring Book cartridge
Conan the Barbarian 5004 cartridge
Cosmic Raiders 2019 cartridge
Dog Patch 2010 cartridge
Elementary Math and Bingo Math cartridge
Football 3002 cartridge
Galactic Invasion 2011 cartridge
Galaxian cartridge
Grand Prix / Demolition Derby 2014 cartridge used to be model# 3003
ICBM Attack cartridge
Incredible Wizard, The 2017 cartridge
Letter Match / Spell'N Score / Crosswords 4002 cartridge
Mazeman cartridge
Ms. CandyMan cartridge
Muncher 2016 cartridge
Music Maker 4003 cartridge
Panzer Attack / Red Baron 2003 cartridge
Pirates Chase 2015 cartridge
Sea Devil cartridge
Seawolf / Bombardier cartridge
Seawolf / Missile 2002 cartridge
Solar Conqueror 2018 cartridge
Space Fortress 2012 cartridge
Space Invaders 2008 cartridge
Star Battle 2005 cartridge
Tornado Baseball / Tennis / Hockey / Handball 3001 cartridge
Treasure Cove cartridge


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