Atari 8-bit Computers Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the Atari 8-bit Computers. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles in this list are all cartridges. If a title is compatible with only certain computers, it is noted after the title.

Games are also compatible with:

  • 400/800 by Atari
  • XL series by Atari
  • XE series by Atari
  • XEGS (XE Game System) by Atari

Descriptions of the rarity codes used in this list.

last updated 09/27/2001

Number of titles in list: 335

Title Company Model # Rarity Medium Type Year Notes
1200XL Diagnostic Cartridge CPS ER cartridge
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari CXL4010 U cartridge 1979
400/800 SALT Diagnostic Cartridge Atari ER cartridge 1979
Abracadabra TG Software U cartridge 1983
Ace of Aces Atari RX8099 C cartridge 1988
Action! O.S.S. C cartridge 1984
Adventure Creator Spinnaker ADV-AT U cartridge 1984
Aegean Voyage Spinnaker R cartridge
Airball Atari RX8109 R cartridge 1988
Alf in the Color Caves Spinnaker ALF-AT R cartridge
Alien Ambush Dana U cartridge 1983
Alien Garden Epyx 54 U cartridge 1982
Alpha Shield Sirius R cartridge 1983
Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker ABZ-AT U cartridge 1983
Ant Eater Romox R cartridge 1982
AProm Walling Co. ER cartridge
AProm XL Walling Co. ER cartridge
Archon Atari RX8092 C cartridge Strategy 1987
Assault Force 3-D MPP R cartridge
Assembler Editor Computing Language Atari CXL4003 U cartridge 1979
Asteroids Atari CXL4013 C cartridge 1981
Astro-Grover CBS 4L0502 U cartridge 1984 w/ keyboard overlay
Astrochase Parker Brothers R cartridge 1983
Astrochase First Star Software ER cartridge 1982
Atari Graphics Atari RX8054 R cartridge 1983 w/ CX75 Light Pen
Atari LOGO Computing Language Atari RX8032 U cartridge 1983
Atariartist Atari RX8053 U cartridge 1983 w/ CX77 Touch Tablet
AtariLab: Light Module Atari AED80013 U cartridge 1983
AtariLab: Temperature Module Atari AED80014 U cartridge 1984
AtariWriter (ver.A) Atari RX3036 C cartridge 1982 version A, brown
AtariWriter (ver.C) Atari RX3036 U cartridge 1984 version C, silver
Atext-1 Elcomp. ER cartridge Misc.-Word Processor
Atlantis Imagic 720125-1A C cartridge Action 1983
Atmas Elcomp. ER cartridge Misc.-Macro Assembler
Atmona-1 Elcomp. ER cartridge Misc.-Machine Language Monitor
Attack at EP-CYG-4 Romox R cartridge 1982 400/800 only
Ballblazer Atari RX8064 C cartridge 1987
Barnyard Blaster Atari RX8086 U cartridge 1987 uses lightgun
Baseball In Home Software ER cartridge Sports-Baseball
BASIC Computing Language [ver.A] Atari CXL4002 C cartridge 1979
BASIC Computing Language [ver.B] Atari ER cartridge 81
BASIC Computing Language [ver.C] Atari CXL4004 R cartridge 83
Basic XE O.S.S. U cartridge 1985
Basic XL ICD U cartridge
Basic XL O.S.S. U cartridge
Basketball Atari CXL4004 C cartridge Sports-Basketball 1979
Battlezone Atari RX8077 U cartridge 1987
BC's Quest for Tires Sierra On-Line U cartridge 1983
Beamrider Activision R cartridge
BearJam Chalkboard Inc. 10031A-3 ER cartridge 1983 400/800 only; uses Powerpad Tablet
Big Bird's Funhouse CBS 4L0505 U cartridge 1984
Big Bird's Special Delivery CBS U cartridge 1984
Blue Max Atari RX8081 U cartridge Action 1987
Blue Print CBS R cartridge
Boulder Dash First Star Software ER cartridge 1984
Boulders & Bombs CBS R cartridge
Bounty Bob Strikes Back Big Five ER cartridge 85
Bristles First Star Software ER cartridge 1983
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Sega 005-03 U cartridge 1983
Bug Hunt Atari RX8087 U cartridge Action 1987 uses lightgun
Bumper Bash ER cartridge
Captain Beeble In Home Software ER cartridge
Capture the Flag Sirius ER cartridge
Castle Hassle Roklan Corp. R cartridge 1983
Caverns of Mars Atari RX8021 C cartridge Action 1987
Centipede Atari CXL4020 C cartridge 1982
Chess Parker Brothers R cartridge
Chessmaster 2000 SoftCountry ER cartridge
Chicken Synapse U cartridge 1982 400/800 only
Choplifter! Broderbund U cartridge 1982
Choplifter! Atari RX8096 U cartridge 1988
Claim Jumper Synapse U cartridge 1982
Cloudburst Dana R cartridge 1983
Coconotes CBS U cartridge 1984
Commando Atari RX8094 R cartridge
Computer Chess Atari CXL4009 U cartridge 1979
Computer War Thorn EMI THAI2010 U cartridge 1983
Congo Bongo Sega 006-03 R cartridge Action 1984
Cosmic Life Spinnaker U cartridge
Creepy Corridors Sierra On-Line U cartridge
Crime Busters Atari RX8104 U cartridge 1988 uses lightgun
Crossbow Atari RX8088 U cartridge 1987 uses lightgun
Crossfire Sierra On-Line ORM-001 U cartridge 1981
Crystal Castles Atari RX8102 U cartridge 1988
Dance Fantasy Fisher Price DCF-AT U cartridge 1984
Dark Chambers Atari RX8101 U cartridge 1988
Data Perfect LJK R cartridge 80 column
David's Midnight Magic Atari RX8083 U cartridge 1987
Decathlon Activision CC-008-04 U cartridge 1983
Defender Atari CXL4025 C cartridge Action 1982
Defender Atari RX8025 cartridge Action 1987
Deflektor Atari R cartridge
Delta Drawing Learning Program Spinnaker DLD-AT U cartridge 1983
Delta Music Spinnaker U cartridge
Deluxe Invaders Roklan Corp. 09-01101 C cartridge Action 1983
Demo Cartridge Exidy ER cartridge
Demon Attack Imagic 720149-1A U cartridge 1982
Desert Falcon Atari RX8089 U cartridge Action 1987
Designer's Pencil, The Activision CC-102-04 U cartridge 1984
Diamnod Mine Roklan Corp. 09-01131 U cartridge 1983
Diamond GOS 1.0 Reevesoft R cartridge
Diamond GOS 2.0 Reevesoft R cartridge
Dig Dug Atari RX8026 C cartridge 1983
Direct Access Citibank ER cartridge Misc.-Home Banking 1984
Doc Goodlode's Cavern Gebelli ER cartridge
Domino Man CBS R cartridge
Donkey Kong Atari RX8031 C cartridge Action 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. Atari RX8040 C cartridge 1983
Dreadnaught Factor, The Activision CZ-005-04 C cartridge 1984
Drelbs Synapse R cartridge
Droids TG Software R cartridge 1983
Ducks Ahoy! CBS 4L9889 U cartridge 1984
E.T. Phone Home! Atari RX8030 C cartridge 1983
Eastern Front Atari RX8039 C cartridge 1983
Edit 6502 LJK R cartridge
Educational System Master Cartridge Atari CXL4001 U cartridge 1979
Embargo Gebelli ER cartridge 1982
Ernie's Magic Shapes CBS U cartridge 1984
ESP Mindlock BBS Softmark ER cartridge 1986
Express! Orion Micro R cartridge
Facemaker Spinnaker FMK-AT U cartridge 1983
Fantastic Voyage Sirius R cartridge 1982
Fast Eddie Sirius R cartridge 1982
Fight Night Atari RX8085 U cartridge 1987
File Manager Synapse R cartridge
Final Legacy Atari RX8067 U cartridge 1984
Final Orbit Sirius R cartridge 1983
Firebird Gebelli ER cartridge 1981
Flapper Romox ER cartridge
Flight Simulator II Atari RX8091 C cartridge Flight Sim 1987
Flip and Flop First Star Software ER cartridge 1983
Food Fight Atari RX8079 U cartridge Action 1987
Fort Apocalypse Synapse U cartridge
Fortune Hunter Romox R cartridge 1982
Fraction Fever Spinnaker FRF-AT U cartridge
Frogger Parker Brothers PB1110 C cartridge 1983
Frogger II: Threedeep Parker Brothers R cartridge
Fun with Art Epyx U cartridge
Fun with Music Epyx R cartridge
Galaxian Atari CXL4024 C cartridge Action 1982
Gateway to Asphai Epyx 614R U cartridge 1983
GATO Atari RX8090 U cartridge Action 1987
Gorf Roklan Corp. 09-01102 C cartridge 1983 400/800 only
Gridrunner HES R cartridge 1983
Gyruss Parker Brothers PB1280 U cartridge Action 1984
H.E.R.O. Activision CZ-007-04 U cartridge 1984
Halftime Battlin' Bands CBS R cartridge 1984
Hardball Atari RX8084 U cartridge 1987
Hypnotic Lands ? cartridge Puzzle 1992
In-Store Demonstration Program Cart Atari CXL4019 R cartridge
Into the Eagle's Nest Atari RX8114 U cartridge 1988
James Bond 007 Parker Brothers R cartridge 1984
Jawbreaker Sierra On-Line U cartridge
Jawbreaker II Sierra On-Line U cartridge
Journey to the Planets Roklan Corp. 09-01124 C cartridge 1983
Joust Atari RX8044 C cartridge 1983
Jukebox Spinnaker JUK-AT R cartridge
Jumbo Jet Pilot Thorn EMI THAII2002 U cartridge 1982
Jumpman Junior Epyx U cartridge 1983
Jungle Hunt Atari RX8049 U cartridge 1983
K-razy Antiks K-Byte R cartridge 1981
K-razy Antiks CBS M8786 C cartridge 1982
K-razy Kritters CBS M8788 U cartridge 1982 400/800 only
K-razy Shoot-Out K-Byte ATR 1000 R cartridge 1981
K-razy Shoot-Out CBS M8784 C cartridge 1982
K-star Patrol CBS M8790 U cartridge 1982
Kaboom! Activision CZ-002-04 U cartridge 1983
Karateka Atari RX8095 U cartridge
Keystone Kapers Activision CZ-006-04 U cartridge 1984
Kickback Thorn EMI THB12004 U cartridge 1982
Kid Writer Spinnaker U cartridge
Kids on Keys Spinnaker KDK-AT U cartridge 1983
Kindercomp Spinnaker KDC-AT U cartridge 1983
KISS Eastern House R cartridge 800 only
KoalaPainter Koala AT00315-1 U cartridge 1983 uses Koala Pad
Learning Phone, The Atari RX8080 R cartridge 1985 PLATO
Learning with Leeper Sierra On-Line U cartridge
Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush Chalkboard Inc. 10011A-3 ER cartridge 1983 400/800 only; Powerpad Tablet
Leo's Links Chalkboard Inc. ER cartridge 400/800 only; Powerpad Tablet
Letter Perfect (40 col) LJK U cartridge 40 column
Letter Perfect (80 col) LJK R cartridge 80 column
Letter Wizard Datasoft R cartridge
Lifespan Roklan Corp. R cartridge
Linking Logic Fisher Price LNL-AT U cartridge 1984
Lode Runner Atari RX8082 U cartridge 1987
Logic Levels Fisher Price LLV-AT U cartridge 1984
LogicMaster Chalkboard Inc. 10042A-3 ER cartridge 1983 400/800 only; Powerpad Tablet
Lunar Outpast Epyx R cartridge
Mac/65 O.S.S. U cartridge 1984
Madden's Football CBS R cartridge Sports-Football
Magic Dump GeminiSoft R cartridge 800 only
Mailing List Atari CXL4014 R cartridge
Major League Hockey Thorn EMI THB12009 U cartridge 1983
Mario Bros. Atari RX8103 U cartridge 1988
MasterType Scarborough #102 U cartridge 1983
Math Encounter HES R cartridge
Math Mileage CBS 75010 U cartridge 1984
MatterHorn Tigervision R cartridge 1984
Maurauder Sierra On-Line R cartridge
MegaMania Activision CZ-003-04 U cartridge 1983
Memory Manor Fisher Price MEM-AT U cartridge 1984
Micro Illustrator Chalkboard Inc. 10016A-3 ER cartridge 400/800 only; Powerpad Tablet
Microfiler MPP R cartridge Misc.-Database
MicroMaestro Chalkboard Inc. 10021A-3 ER cartridge 1983 400/800 only; Powerpad Tablet
Microsoft BASIC II Programming Lang Atari RX8035 U cartridge 1982
Millipede Atari RX8048 U cartridge 1984
Miner 2049er Big Five C cartridge 1983
Missile Command Atari CXL4012 C cartridge Action 1981
Monkey Wrench Eastern House R cartridge 800 only
Monkey Wrench II Eastern House R cartridge 1983 800 only
Monster Maze Epyx U cartridge 1982
Moon Patrol Atari RX8052 C cartridge 1987
Mountain King CBS 4L2541 U cartridge 1983
Movie Maker Reston R cartridge
Movie Musical Madness CBS 75060 U cartridge 1984
Mr. Cool Sierra On-Line MCL-210 R cartridge 1983
Ms. Pac-Man Atari RX8043 C cartridge Action 1983
Music Composer Atari CXL4007 C cartridge 1980
Nautilus Synapse R cartridge
Necromancer Atari RX8108 U cartridge 1988
Necromancer Synapse R cartridge
Nightstrike TG Software R cartridge 1983
Omega Race CBS R cartridge
One-on-One Basketball Atari RX8093 U cartridge Sports-Basketball 1987
ORC Attack Thorn EMI THB12008 ER cartridge
Ozzy's Orchard TG Software U cartridge
Pac-Man Atari CXL4022 C cartridge Action 1982
Paint-N-Sketch Level I Tech-Sketch ER cartridge lightpen
Paint-N-Sketch Level II Tech-Sketch ER cartridge lightpen
Pastfinder Activision R cartridge
Peanit Butter Panic CBS R cartridge 1984
Pengo Atari RX8045 U cartridge 1983
Pharoah's Curse, The Synapse R cartridge
Picnic Paranoia Synapse R cartridge 1982 400/800 only
Pilot Computing Language Atari CXL4018 U cartridge 1980
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision CA-011-04 U cartridge Adventure 1984
Pitfall! Activision CZ-004-04 U cartridge 1984
Pitstop Epyx 604R U cartridge 1983
Plattermania Epyx 55 U cartridge 1982
Pole Position Atari RX8034 C cartridge Racing 1983
Pool 400 IDSI R cartridge 1981
Popeye Parker Brothers C cartridge 1983
Powerstar Pandora ER cartridge 1985
Princess and the Frog Romox R cartridge
Proburner Thompson Elec. R cartridge
Protector II Synapse R cartridge 1982
PUP (Primary Utility Pack) ER cartridge
Q*bert Parker Brothers C cartridge 1983
Qix Atari CXL4027 C cartridge 1982
R-Time 8 ICD U cartridge Misc.-Clock Cartridge
Rack Em Up Roklan Corp. R cartridge
Rally X Speedway Adventure Intl. R cartridge
Ranch Spinnaker ER cartridge
RealSports Football Atari RX8029 C cartridge Sports-Football 1983
Rescue on Fractulus Atari RX8063 U cartridge 1987
Risk Parker Brothers R cartridge
River Raid Activision CZ-001-04 U cartridge 1983
River Rescue Thorn EMI THB12005 U cartridge 1983
Robotron: 2084 Atari RX8033 C cartridge Action 1983
SALT II Diagnostic Cartridge Atari ER cartridge
Sammy Lightfoot Sierra On-Line ER cartridge
Satan's Hollow CBS R cartridge
Sea Chase Romox R cartridge
Sea Fox Broderbund R cartridge
Sea Horse Hide'n Seek CBS 4L9890 U cartridge 1984
Serpentine Broderbund ATCART190 C cartridge 1982
Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round CBS 4L0365 U cartridge 1984 2 joysticks, kb overlay
Shadow World Synapse R cartridge
Shamus Synapse C cartridge 1982 400/800 only
Silicon Warrior Epyx 664R C cartridge 1983
Six Pack I Walling Co. ER cartridge
Six Pack II Walling Co. RX8059 ER cartridge
Skywriter Atari U cartridge 1984
Slamball Synapse R cartridge
Slime Synapse U cartridge 1982 400/800 only
Smart Terminal MPP R cartridge 1983
Soccer Thorn EMI THB12003 U cartridge Sports-Soccer 1982
Solar Fox CBS R cartridge
Space Invaders Atari CXL4008 U cartridge Action-Shooting 1981
Space Journey Roklan Corp. 09-01116 U cartridge 1983
Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space Activision CA-012-04 U cartridge 1983
Spark Bugs Romox R cartridge
SpartaDOS X FTE U cartridge Misc.-OS
SpartaDOS X ICD U cartridge Misc.-OS
Speedway Blast IDSI AC1021 R cartridge 1982
Spider City Sirius U cartridge 1983
Springer Tigervision R cartridge 1983
Spy Hunter Sega 011-03 R cartridge 1984 requires 2 joysticks
Squish 'Em Sirius R cartridge 1983
Star Raiders Atari CXL4011 C cartridge Action 1980
Star Raiders II Atari RX8078 U cartridge 1987
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Sega 004-03 U cartridge 1983
Star Wars: ROTJ: Death Star Battle Parker Brothers PB101303 R cartridge Action 1983
Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Brothers U cartridge Action 1984
Starion Romox R cartridge
Story Machine Spinnaker SMC-AT U cartridge 1983
Submarine Commander Thorn EMI THA12001 U cartridge 1982
Summer Games Atari RX8098 U cartridge 1988
Super Breakout Atari CXL4006 C cartridge 1979
Super Cobra Parker Brothers PB1140 U cartridge 1983
Super Sketch Graphics Master Personal Peripherals G2300 ER cartridge
Super Zaxxon 012-03 R cartridge 1984
Supercharger MPP U cartridge Misc.-BBS 1985
Survival of the Fittest IDSI R cartridge
Survivor Synapse U cartridge
SWAT Rescue Epyx R cartridge
Synaasembler Synapse R cartridge
Tac-Scan Sega R cartridge
Tank Commander Thorn EMI R cartridge
Tapper Sega R cartridge
Telelink I Atari CXL4015 U cartridge 1981
Telelink II Atari CXL4016 R cartridge
Tennis Atari RX8042 C cartridge Sports-Tennis 1983
Thunderfox Atari RX8113 U cartridge 1988
Time Bound CBS 4L0111 U cartridge
Time Trials CBS R cartridge
Track and Field Atari RX8069 R cartridge Sports-Track & Field
Trust Rantom R cartridge
Turmoil Sirius U cartridge 1982
Tutankham Parker Brothers R cartridge
Typo Romox R cartridge
Typo Attack Atari RX8057 U cartridge 1984
Up for Grabs Spinnaker U cartridge
Up N Down Sega 009-03 U cartridge 1984
Video Easel Atari CXL4005 U cartridge 1979
Webster: The Word Game CBS U cartridge 1984
Whiz Kid Romox R cartridge
Wings CBS R cartridge
Wizard of Wor Roklan Corp. C cartridge 1981
Worm War I Sirius R cartridge
Writer's Tool, The O.S.S. U cartridge
XE Demo Cartridge Atari CA400201 ER cartridge 4 games
Zaxxon Sega 008-03 U cartridge 1984
Zenji Activision CZ-010-04 U cartridge 1984
Zone Ranger Activision CC-101-04 U cartridge 1984


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