7800 Title List

This list shows the titles released (or supposedly released) in the USA for the 7800. If any titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know. The titles for this system are all cartridges.

System known as: Atari 7800, Atari ProSystem

Descriptions of the rarity codes used in this list.

last updated 07/02/2000

Number of titles in list: 67

Title Company Model # Rarity Medium Type Notes
7800 Monitor Cartridge Harry Dodgson cartridge Misc.
Ace of Aces Atari CX7846 R cartridge Flight Sim 1 player
Alien Brigade Atari CX7855 R cartridge Action
Asteroids Atari CX7802 R cartridge Action
Ballblazer Atari CX7815 R cartridge Action a super game cartridge
Barnyard Blaster Atari CX7859 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1-2 players; light gun
Basketbrawl Atari CX7880 R cartridge Sports-Basketball
Centipede Atari CX7801 R cartridge Action
Choplifter! Atari CX7821 U cartridge Action
Commando Atari CX7838 R cartridge Action
Crack'ed Atari CX7836 R cartridge Action
Crossbow Atari CX7844 U cartridge Action/Adventure
Dark Chambers Atari CX7837 U cartridge Action 1-2 players
Desert Falcon Atari CX7811 R cartridge Action
Diagnostics Cartridge Atari CB101196 cartridge Misc.
Dig Dug Atari CX7803 R cartridge Action
Donkey Kong Atari CX7848 R cartridge Action 1-2 players
Donkey Kong Junior Atari CX7849 R cartridge Action
Double Dragon Activision AM-050-04 R cartridge Action
Electrocop Atari UR cartridge Action
F-18 Hornet Absolute Entertainment AP-044-04 R cartridge Action
Fatal Run Atari CX7854 R cartridge Action
Fight Night Atari CX7851 R cartridge Sports/Fighting-Boxing 1-2 players
Food Fight Atari CX7804 R cartridge Action
Galaga Atari CX7805 R cartridge Action-Shooting 1-2 players
Gauntlet Atari UR cartridge
Hat Trick Atari CX7829 U cartridge Sports-Hockey a super game cartridge
Ikari Warriors Atari CX7862 R cartridge Action
Impossible Mission Atari CX7832 R cartridge Action
Jinks Atari CX7857 R cartridge Action 1 player
Joust Atari CX7806 R cartridge Action 1-2 players
Karateka Atari CX7822 U cartridge Action a super game cartridge
KLAX Atari UR cartridge Action
Kung Fu Master Absolute Entertainment AM-039-04 ER cartridge Action
Kung Fu Master Activision AM-039 ER cartridge Action
Mario Bros. Atari CX7850 R cartridge Action
Mat Mania Challenge Atari CX7863 R cartridge Sports/Fighting-Wrestling
Mean 18 Golf Atari CX7847 R cartridge Sports-Golf
Meltdown Atari CX7875 R cartridge Action 1 player; light gun optional
Midnight Mutants Atari CX7889 R cartridge Action
Motor Psycho Atari CX7852 R cartridge Action
Ms. Pac-Man Atari CX7807 U cartridge Action
Ninja Golf Atari CX7870 R cartridge Sports-Golf
One-on-One Basketball Atari CX7824 U cartridge Sports-Basketball
Pete Rose Baseball Absolute Entertainment AV-045-04 R cartridge Sports-Baseball
Planet Smashers Atari CX7868 R cartridge Action
Pole Position II Atari CX7808 C cartridge Racing
Pyromania Froggo UR cartridge Action
Rampage Activision AM-049-03 R cartridge Action
RealSports Baseball Atari CX7834 U cartridge Sports-Baseball
Rescue on Fractulus Atari CX7816 UR cartridge Action
Robotron: 2084 Atari CX7809 U cartridge Action
Scrapyard Dog Atari CX7879 R cartridge Action
Sentinel Atari CX7869 UR cartridge Action
Summer Games Atari CX7826 R cartridge Sports
Super Huey UH-IX Atari CX7828 U cartridge Flight Sim
Super Skateboardin' Absolute Entertainment AV-047-04 R cartridge Action
Tank Command Froggo FG 2003 ER cartridge Action
Title Match Pro Wrestling Absolute Entertainment AV-041-04 R cartridge Sports/Fighting-Wrestling
Tomcat F-14 Flight Simulator Absolute Entertainment AV-046-04 R cartridge Flight Sim
Touchdown Football Atari CX7823 U cartridge Sports-Football
Tower Toppler Atari CX7856 R cartridge Action
Water Ski Froggo FG 2002 ER cartridge Sports-Water
White Water Madness Atari CX7864 ER cartridge
Winter Games Atari CX7831 U cartridge Sports-Winter
Xenophobe Atari CX7858 R cartridge Action 1-2 players
Xevious Atari CX7810 U cartridge Action


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